Ways To Give


Online Giving

Giving online to Whitewater is easy and secure. We use a secure third-party processing company to accept gifts via eCheck (preferred), or credit/debit card (we pay 2.75% on every transaction).


Give By Mail

Checks can be mailed to:

Whitewater Church, 1002 N. Meridian STE 100 PMB 297, Puyallup, Wa, 98371

Checks can be made payable to: Whitewater Church



During our Sunday gatherings, we collect an offering, as well as have a discrete donation box in the lobby.


Have questions about giving?


What is Generosity?

Whitewater Church exists because of two reasons: the grace of God and the faithfulness of His followers to give generously, so that Whitewater Church can exist.

Christians should give generously not because of any biblical rule, or fear that God won't be happy with us if we don't tithe, but rather as a reflection of the priorities of your heart. If Christ is truly the center of your life, then giving to the church should be an outward reflection of an inward change; that Christ is first and foremost in your life.

Does the Church just want my money?

Yes, we need your support.

Whitewater Church is 100% funded through the generosity of individuals giving to the church. Simply put, we couldn't exist without the generosity of the people that call Whitewater Church home.

No, God doesn't need your money.

He needs your heart. We believe that if God wants Whitewater to exist as a church, He will provide regardless of how much money we bring in. We give in response to what God has done in our lives. We serve a "give first" God. He gave it all, and in response we give back. Not only our finances, but our entire life.


Is my money making a difference?

Every dollar at Whitewater stays in this community and goes towards building rent for our Sunday gathering, staff costs, and community events such as block parties and barbeques. All of your money goes directly to supporting this community.


What's my legacy?

Whitewater Church exists to know God and make Him known. We have seen God moving in this community in incredible ways. Broken marriages have been restored. Torn families have been reunited. Proverbial fences have been broken down, and life-giving wells have been dug. Your support of Whitewater Church goes farther than just helping us keep the lights on, it helps us continue to make God known in a broken world.